Horsham Gingerbread Makers


Name of Maker



  William Chatfield   Bishopric
  Chatfield   East Street and West Street
  William Hull   West Street
  Richardson *   East Street
  Leader *   Queen Street
  Foreman *   Queen Street
  Lovekin #   36 London Road
  Dendy   Church Causeway
  Burstow   Brighton Road and East Street
  Ansell   West Street

* Indicates moulds with their names on them


# The last known Horsham gingerbread maker.
The moulds shown left (mouse over) are on display at the Horsham Museum

A note also in the Brighton Museum files notes that in 1903 Miss Emily Chatfield of 24 Park Street Horsham donated six gingerbread moulds used by Mr. A. B. Chatfield. Five years later in August/September 1908 she donated a further 8, but by now she had moved to Wimbledon. Brighton Museum then purchased 5 for 12/6 from E. Holman of 6 Bishopric. Five years later in 1913 Brighton bought two Horsham moulds from a Mr C. H. Streeter of 7 Union St Brighton for 4/-. Mr Attree in 1917 made his donation of 10 moulds, and then later in the year he made another donation of 9 moulds acquired from Richardson & Company who were jam manufacturers and sweet makers in East Street. Later on Mr Attree made another donation, a biscuit mould used by William Hull Confectioner and greengrocer of 6 West Street. In total Brighton had 43 moulds for making Gingerbread from Horsham.

The above information was taken from: Horshams history Volume 4 1914-1918 published by Horsham District Council  2011

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