Gluten-free Biscuits – made with butter, raw cane sugars, and local linseed meal.

In the past, bakers would have sourced many ingredients from their local area. We use linseed meal grown and processed by Durwin Banks & his family at Barns Green in West Sussex. It was this fine product, with its delicious nutty flavour, that inspired Lesley to create her range of biscuits.

The inspiration for these biscuits was Sussex Pond Pudding, a traditional English Pudding made with suet pastry. A whole lemon, along with some butter & brown sugar, is encased in the pastry & the pudding is then boiled or steamed for several hours. When served, the pudding contains a rich, buttery, lemon sauce. Some diners are brave enough to also consume the cooked, very sharp, whole lemon.